Product Development - Production & Sourcing
Local Operation - Marketing


Product Development - Production & Sourcing
Local Operation - Marketing


Product Development - Production & Sourcing
Local Operation - Marketing



Product Development

Develop your “Own Brand”

Perks overall process to develop “Own Brand” solutions includes a series of integrated steps that allow us to maintain strict control of the products and at the same time offer ad-hoc solutions and flexibility to our customers and their consumers.
In order to develop the appropriate products for our customers, Perks oversees the entire “Own Brand” process from start to finish including the following stages:

  • Analysis: Categories, market trends, competition benchmark, consumer trends and customers needs/opportunities.
  • Development:market concepts, brands, design, products and packaging.
  • Supply chain:manufacturing, logistics, import process, warehousing and distribution.
  • Quality control
  • Local execution:Distribution, marketing programs, merchandising solutions and customer service.

Production & Sourcing

Sourcing as a key competitive advantage

Sourcing is a core process and key ingredient in the success of Perks business model. We continuously strive for the best and most innovative solutions in the marketplace with the highest quality standards and the most competitive economic proposal.

Perks sourcing process includes;

  • Factory selection
  • Production process and product certification
  • Quality control
  • Shipment inspection
  • International logistics
  • Regulatory compliance measures.

Core sourcing regions are North America (USA & Canada) and Asia (China &India).

Local Operation

In-country operations

As part of the end to end solution for our customers, Perks has also developed in-country operations that includes the following services:

  • Import & customs procedures
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • National distribution through centralized deliveries
  • Forecasting process and purchase order management
  • Customer service


360º Marketing Solutions

A differentiated marketing mix is another key ingredient to develop categories, products and ultimately brands that will deliver value added propositions and meet consumers’ expectations.

Perks business model incorporates marketing practices as part of the integral approach and develop along with customers specific in-store marketing, promotional and merchandising plans.


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About us

Private Label Solutions

Perks is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to "Own Brand" product development focused on achieving the highest international standards and offering a premium quality solution.

We develop and implement “Private Label Solutions” for our customers (retailers and wholesalers) taking into consideration external factors (market conditions, industry, consumer trends) as well as internal factors (customer’s commercial strategy, target market, shoppers).


Offer our customers a differentiated alternative to meet their mass consumption product needs through the development of “Private Label Solutions” with outstanding quality, price and service.


Consolidate Perks as the leading partner in the development of “Private Label Solutions” within Consumer Packaged Goods categories throughout the Latin America retail environment.